At the Earth's Core (version 2) cover

At the Earth's Core (version 2)

Edgar Rice Burroughs (1875-1950)

1. Prologue
2. Toward the Eternal Fires
3. A Strange World
4. A Change of Masters
5. Dian the Beautiful
6. Slaves
7. The Beginning of Horror
8. Freedom
9. The Mahar Temple
10. The Face of Death
11. Phutra Again
12. Four Dead Mahars
13. Pursuit
14. The Sly One
15. The Garden of Eden
16. Back to Earth

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    David Innes is a mining heir who finances the experimental "iron mole," an excavating vehicle designed by his elderly inventor friend Abner Perry. In a test run, they discover the vehicle cannot be turned, and it burrows 500 miles into the Earth's crust, emerging into the unknown interior world of Pellucidar. In Burroughs' concept, the Earth is a hollow shell with Pellucidar as the internal surface of that shell. Pellucidar is inhabited by prehistoric creatures of all geological eras, and dominated by the Mahars, a species of flying reptile both intelligent and civilized, but which enslaves and preys on the local stone-age humans. Innes and Perry are captured by the Mahars' ape-like Sagoth servants and taken with other human captives to the chief Mahar city of Phutra. Among their fellow captives are the brave Ghak, the Hairy One, from the country of Sari, the shifty Hooja the Sly One and the lovely Dian the Beautiful of Amoz.


    Cantos Evenstar

    - At the Earth's core

    Excellent book again by one of the greatest adventure authors of all time!

    Great story. Love the whole series.


    - Don't start this story

    The story stops in the middle of the suspense. The ending is too abrupt.

    Christin S.

    - At the Earth's Core

    Great book. Not a complete fan of more than one reader but these 2 men did ok. :)