Astounding Stories 01, January 1930 cover

Astounding Stories 01, January 1930

C.V. Tench

1. Introduction
2. The Beetle Horde, Ch 1-2 by Victor Rousseau
3. The Beetle Horde, Ch 3-4 by Victor Rousseau
4. The Beetle Horde, Ch 5-6 by Victor Rousseau
5. The Cave of Horror by Captain S.P. Meek
6. Phantoms of Reality, Ch 1-3 by Ray Cummins
7. Phantoms of Reality, Ch 4-6 by Ray Cummins
8. Phantoms of Reality, Ch 7-9 by Ray Cummins
9. Phantoms of Reality, Ch 10-12 by Ray Cummins
10. The Stolen Mind by M.L. Staley
11. Compensation by C.V. Tench
12. Tanks by Murray Leinster
13. Invisible Death by Anthony Pelcher

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In January of 1930 a new magazine with a flashy color cover appeared on newsstands, Astounding Stories of Super-Science. Filled with stories of adventure, sometimes with only a tinge of science, this magazine was to host and nurture many science fiction giants like Murray Leinster and Ray Cummings and would help inspire many of the writers of the "Golden Age of Science Fiction". This inaugural issue includes stories by Murray Leinster, Ray Cummings, S. P. Meek, Victor Rousseau and others.