As We Forgive Them cover

As We Forgive Them

William le Queux (1864-1927)

1. The Stranger In Manchester
2. Contains Certain Mysterious Facts
3. In Which A Strange Story Is Told
4. Which Traverses Dangerous Ground
5. In Which A Mystery Becomes Considerably Increased
6. Concerns Three Capital A's
7. The Mysterious Foreigner
8. In Which The Truth Is Spoken
9. The House Of Silence
10. The Man Of Secrets
11. Which Explains The Peril Of Mabel Blair
12. Mr. Richard Dawson
13. Burton Blair's Secret Is Revealed
14. Gives An Expert Opinon
15. Certain Things We Found At Mayvill
16. In Which Two Curious Facts Are Established
17. Merely Concerns A Stranger
18. The Crossroads at Owston
19. Which Contains A Clue
20. The Reading Of The Record
21. Worse Than Death
22. The Mystery Of A Night's Adventure
23. Which Is In Many Ways Amazing
24. Contains A Terrible Disclosure
25. The Sacred Name
26. Face To Face
27. The Directions Of His Eminence
28. Describes A Startling Discovery
29. In Which A Strange Tale Is Told
30. The Motive And The Moral
31. Conclusion

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From the Preface - In these modern times of breathless hurry and great combines, when birth counts for nothing; when fortunes are made in a day and credit Is lost in an hour, men’s secrets are sometimes very strange ones. It is one of these which I have here revealed; one that will, I anticipate, both startle and puzzle the reader. The mystery is, in fact, one taken from the daily life about us, the truth concerning it having hitherto been regarded as strictly confidential by the persons herein mentioned, although I am now permitted by them to make the remarkable circumstances public.