Around the World in Eighty Days (version 5 Dramatic Reading) cover

Around the World in Eighty Days (version 5 Dramatic Reading)

Jules Verne (1828-1905)

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    In London, 1872, a rich English gentlemen named Mr. Phileas Fogg argues with the members in the Reform Club, and takes on a journey around the world in 80 days with his new servant, Passapartout, with accepting a wager.



    - Around the World in 80 days

    Reader completely transported me back in time! Its as if he was there too and I could imagine him at The Reform Club narrating in real time. Just wonderful!

    Blue Belle

    - the world in 80 days!

    Wow, WoW WOW! this is an amazing, stupendous and encompassing book. I love the reader, I hope that he reads again. totally would listen to this again.


    Fantastic reader. Very entertaining story.


    - Gripping!

    The reader is amazing and the tale is simply thrilling!

    Great classic

    - Around the

    I ❤️ this book. The reader was awesome for those not happy, maybe they should volunteer too. Seems to me a great deed to read for everyone else, specially for free. Great job reader.


    Very good narration.


    - well......

    I love the book! I even own a hard copy, Great story but.. I had to replay chapter 5 almost 10 times because I just couldn't under stand the reader or some of the weird old English terms...Maybe a different reader would have been better.. Anyway great book!... But you should see the Disney movie "Around The World In Eighty Days"... Although I must admit it is a little different than the book, It won't be a good resource if it is for school.. At least not alone.. you would also need to read the book but the movie keeps the same general idea! the movie is amazing alone!!! I mean what "Jackie Chan" movie isn't amazing!!!


    - Around_the_World_in_Eighty_Days

    Jules Verne is an amazing writer. Enjoyed every second! Even though I've known the ending!


    the worst audio inthe world

    they do not have the seven and eight chapter to read