Around the World in Eighty Days cover

Around the World in Eighty Days

Jules Verne (1828-1905)

1. 01 - Chapter I
2. 02 - Chapter II
3. 03 - Chapter III
4. 04 - Chapter IV
5. 05 - Chapter V
6. 06 - Chapter VI
7. 07 - Chapter VII
8. 08 - Chapter VIII
9. 09 - Chapter IX
10. 10 - Chapter X
11. 11 - Chapter XI
12. 12 - Chapter XII
13. 13 - Chapter XIII
14. 14 - Chapter XIV
15. 15 - Chapter XV
16. 16 - Chapter XVI
17. 17 - Chapter XVII
18. 18 - Chapter XVIII
19. 19 - Chapter XIX
20. 20 - Chapter XX
21. 21 - Chapter XXI
22. 22 - Chapter XXII
23. 23 - Chapter XXIII
24. 24 - Chapter XXIV
25. 25 - Chapter XXV
26. 26 - Chapter XXVI
27. 27 - Chapter XXVII
28. 28 - Chapter XXVIII
29. 29 - Chapter XXIX
30. 30 - Chapter XXX
31. 31 - Chapter XXXI
32. 32 - Chapter XXXII
33. 33 - Chapter XXXIII
34. 34 - Chapter XXXIV
35. 35 - Chapter XXXV
36. 36 - Chapter XXXVI
37. 37 - Chapter XXXVII

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Jules Verne is the master of classic adventure tales. Around the World in Eighty Days is just more proof that his excellent writing skills put the readers right in the book with Phileas Fogg and Passepartout. Because of a bet by his friends, Phileas sets out to get all the way around the world in eighty days. Phileas is a rich man, but also very precise about his life. He wants everything done the way he likes and will get rid of anyone who does not do that. The wager starts when he is at a local club and begins an argument about whether a person could get all the way around the world in such a short period of time. He believes he can because a new railroad has been opened in India. Because he is so sure of his mathematical figures, he takes the wager and sets off with his new valet. He has a carefully planned route for them to travel by steamer boat and railroad. Their itinerary includes crossing the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea, the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean and also across several continents. What he does not plan on is that a bank robber left England at the same time they did and a detective mistakes Phileas for the robber and follows them. Along the way, Phileas bribes people to rush their trip, they rescue a woman about to be sacrificed, ride elephants and miss their boats. They lose a few days and have to rush to make up the lost time. When they finally get to San Francisco, their adventure really speeds up! They encounter a big herd of buffalo and are also attacked by Sioux Indians. All the while, Phileas is still trying to make up lost time and get back to England in eighty days. Around the World in Eighty Days has so many wild adventures that no reader can be bored. Along with the excitement, there is also the element of mystery as the reader needs to decide if Phileas is the bank robber or not and whether he can learn to relax and be a friend to others. No one will be sorry they spent the time to read Jules Verne’s book.



- Around the World in 80 days

Reader completely transported me back in time! Its as if he was there too and I could imagine him at The Reform Club narrating in real time. Just wonderful!

Blue Belle

- the world in 80 days!

Wow, WoW WOW! this is an amazing, stupendous and encompassing book. I love the reader, I hope that he reads again. totally would listen to this again.


Fantastic reader. Very entertaining story.


- Gripping!

The reader is amazing and the tale is simply thrilling!

Great classic

- Around the

I ❤️ this book. The reader was awesome for those not happy, maybe they should volunteer too. Seems to me a great deed to read for everyone else, specially for free. Great job reader.


Very good narration.


- well......

I love the book! I even own a hard copy, Great story but.. I had to replay chapter 5 almost 10 times because I just couldn't under stand the reader or some of the weird old English terms...Maybe a different reader would have been better.. Anyway great book!... But you should see the Disney movie "Around The World In Eighty Days"... Although I must admit it is a little different than the book, It won't be a good resource if it is for school.. At least not alone.. you would also need to read the book but the movie keeps the same general idea! the movie is amazing alone!!! I mean what "Jackie Chan" movie isn't amazing!!!


- Around_the_World_in_Eighty_Days

Jules Verne is an amazing writer. Enjoyed every second! Even though I've known the ending!


the worst audio inthe world

they do not have the seven and eight chapter to read