Anthony Trent, Master Criminal cover

Anthony Trent, Master Criminal

Wyndham Martyn (1875-1963)

1. The First Step
2. Anthony Trent Talks on Crime
3. The Day of Temptation
4. Beginning the Game
5. Anthony Pulls Up Stakes
6. Fooling Shylock Drummond
7. The Danger of Sentiment
8. When a Woman Smiled
9. "The Countess"
10. Anthony Trent Saves a Piano
11. Espionage at Close Range
12. The Sinn Fein Plot
13. Anthony Trent Interests Himself in Police Gossip
14. Ambulances and Diamonds
15. The Baron Lends a Hand
16. The Mount Aubyn Ruby
17. Trent Takes a Holiday
18. The Great Black Bird
19. Trent Acquires a Home
20. "Wanted - an Emerald"
21. The Murder of Andrew Apthorpe
22. A Thief to Catch a Thief
23. The Secret of the Black Bag
24. Devlin's Promise
25. On the Trail of "The Countess"
26. Anthony Trent - "Paying Guest"
27. Mrs. Kinney Makes a Confession
28. The German Spy Merchant
29. Mrs. Kinney Intervenes
30. "Private Trent"
31. Devlin's revenge

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In 1918, Anthony Trent, a well-educated young man in his late twenties, lives an unsatisfactory life in a New York boarding house. He writes successful crime fiction stories, but this doesn't pay enough for him to do the things he wants. Things change when he starts to put his knowledge of crime to a practical use... It gets him into serious trouble before long. (This work was first published in the USA in 1918, and falls under the Rule of the Shorter Term). The sequel to this book, The Secret of the Silver Car, is also available on Librivox.



Another Raffles story with a difference twist. Good fast moving story which was very, very well read. This reader, Anna Simone, was excellent.