Anne of the Island cover

Anne of the Island

Lucy Maud Montgomery (1874-1942)

1. 01 - The Shadow of Change
2. 02 - Garlands of Autumn
3. 03 - Greeting and Farewell
4. 04 - April's Lady
5. 05 - Letters from Home
6. 06 - In the Park
7. 07 - Home Again
8. 08 - Anne's First Proposal
9. 09 - An Unwelcome Lover and a Welcome Friend
10. 10 - Patty's Place
11. 11 - The Round of Life
12. 12 - Averil's Atonement
13. 13 - The Way of Transgressors
14. 14 - The Summons
15. 15 - A Dream Turned Upside Down
16. 16 - Adjusted Relationships
17. 17 - A Letter From Davy
18. 18 - Miss Josephine Remembers the Anne-Girl
19. 19 - An Interlude
20. 20 - Gilbert Speaks
21. 21 - Roses of Yesterday
22. 22 - Spring and Anne Return to Green Gables
23. 23 - Paul Cannot Find the Rock People
24. 24 - Enter Jonas
25. 25 - Enter Prince Charming
26. 26 - Enter Christine
27. 27 - Mutual Confidences
28. 28 - A June Evening
29. 29 - Diana's Wedding
30. 30 - Mrs. Skinner's Romance
31. 31 - Anne to Philippa
32. 32 - Tea with Mrs. Douglas
33. 33 - He Just Kept Coming and Coming
34. 34 - John Douglas Speaks at Last
35. 35 - The Last Redmond Year Opens
36. 36 - The Gardners' Call
37. 37 - Full-fledged B.A.'s
38. 38 - False Dawn
39. 39 - Deals with Weddings
40. 40 - A Book of Revelation
41. 41 - Love Takes Up the Glass of Time

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Anne of the Island is the third book in the Anne of Green Gables series following the adventures of its heroine Anne Shirley as she leaves for Redmond College in the busy city of Kingsport to study for her bachelor’s degree. The third installment in the series sees the beloved protagonist experience new adventures and challenges outside the familiar setting of Avonlea. The novel kicks off when Anne decides to pursue her dream of a higher education, and subsequently leaves her two year teaching position at the school in Avonlea and begins her studies at Redmond College. Fortunately, Anne is not alone in the new environment, as she is accompanied by her old friends Gilbert Blythe, who has also enrolled in Redmond College, as well as roommates Priscilla, Philippa and Stella. Though Anne has her mind set on good grades and flawless academic prosperity, she cannot avoid the tides of love and the many suitors offering their affection. When Anne rejects Gilbert’s proposal, stating that she only views him as a friend, she must undergo a journey of self-searching and discover the true meaning of love. Striving for a true love resembling those from the many books she has read, Anne must draw the line between fiction and reality, or she might miss her only chance at happiness. Montgomery’s third installment can be considered to be a turning point in Anne’s life as the novel brings new problems and important decisions to be made, which in turn will either make or break her. Womanhood, maturing, and love are just some of the themes explored in this classic. A novel depicting the inevitable process of growing up, Anne of the Island is a perfect illustration of the challenging and sometimes awkward moments we all go through to achieve our full potential in life.



- Amazing!!!

I enjoyed listening to this book so much! the story is so good! and the narrating and Anne's voice were wonderful!!! I wasn't fond of Gilbert and Diana's voice though, but I still love that they did different voices for each character, so it was fine. highly recommend!!!!

i love the book!!!


- Love it

Love the whole book and everything about it!!!


I just love listening to this and the previous book in the series. All the voices are good but not always the quality of their recordings. I couldn’t understand Ruby’s voice at all sadly. Although a nice sounding voice, Diana’s was from inside a cupboard under the stairs I think! However, I still enjoyed this and have just managed to find the next in the series with the same voices. Thank you to the volunteers for their time, I’m really enjoying it!


- Rubie

I can't under stand Rubie but Davy is lovely



Some of the voices were bad.


- Voices

I hate Gilberts voice ,but still LOVE the book.


- The book

I like the book,but I don't like Gilberts' voice.


- Bad Voices

Gilbert, Diana, Priscilla and Ruby sound dreadful. Anne and Mrs. Rachel Lynde are good but Davy sounds like a girl.


- Anne

I Love Anne's enthusiasm and high spirit love this book I am hooked