Anne of Green Gables cover

Anne of Green Gables

Lucy Maud Montgomery (1874-1942)

1. 00 - Dramatis Personae
2. 01 - Rachel Lynde is Surprised
3. 02 - Matthew Cuthbert is Surprised
4. 03 - Marilla Cuthbert is Surprised
5. 04 - Morning at Green Gables
6. 05 - Anne's History
7. 06 - Marilla Makes Up Her Mind
8. 07 - Anne Says Her Prayers
9. 08 - Anne's Bringing-Up is Begun
10. 09 - Mrs. Rachel Lynde is Properly Horrified
11. 10 - Anne's Apology
12. 11 - Anne's Impression of Sunday School
13. 12 - A Solemn Vow and Promise
14. 13 - The Delights of Anticipation
15. 14 - Anne's Confession
16. 15 - A Tempest in the School Teapot
17. 16 - Diana is Invited to Tea With Tragic Results
18. 17 - A New Interest in Life
19. 18 - Anne to the Rescue
20. 19 - A Concert, A Catastrophe, and A Confession
21. 20 - A Good Imagination Gone Wrong
22. 21 - A New Departure in Flavorings
23. 22 - Anne is Invited Out to Tea
24. 23 - Anne Comes to Grief in an Affair of Honor
25. 24 - Miss Stacy and Her Pupils Get Up a Concert
26. 25 - Matthew Insists on Puffed Sleeves
27. 26 - The Story Club is Formed
28. 27 - Vanity and Vexation of Spirit
29. 28 - An Unfortunate Lily Maid
30. 29 - An Epoch in Anne's Life
31. 30 - The Queen's Class is Organized
32. 31 - Where the Brook and River Meet
33. 32 - The Pass List is Out
34. 33 - The Hotel Concert
35. 34 - A Queen's Girl
36. 35 - The Winter at Queen's
37. 36 - The Glory and the Dream
38. 37 - The Reaper Whose Name is Death
39. 38 - The Bend in the Road

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Montgomery’s literary classic recounts the exciting adventures undertaken by the fiery eleven-year-old Anne Shirley, an orphan girl accidentally adopted by middle aged siblings Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert. A coming-of-age novel, Anne of Green Gables focuses on Anne’s new life at Green Gables farm in Avonlea and her adjustment into the Prince Edward Island community. The story launches when the aging siblings Matthew and Marilla decide that they could use an extra hand around their farm, and believe that adopting an orphan boy would be an appropriate solution. However, due to a misunderstanding, the orphanage sends Anne Shirley instead. As Matthew heads to the train station to pick up the anticipated boy, he is shocked to be greeted by a red-headed, freckled and quite talkative little girl. Oblivious to the fact that a mistake has been made, Anne cheerfully enjoys the ride to her new home not hiding her enthusiasm whatsoever. Although initially spinster Marilla requires a bit of persuasion, both siblings are drawn in by the irresistible charms of the young chatty girl and accept the orphanage’s mix-up. Undeniably Anne adds the much needed color in the lives of Matthew and Marilla who are quiet and timid, while Anne serves as a complete opposite to the two. As Anne adjusts to her new surroundings, she leaves readers absorbed as she makes social gaffes in her clumsy attempts to soak in the social norms, religion, and morals with which her peers are already long accustomed to. Obstructed by countless mischief and creative excursions, Anne must make a distinction between reality and imagination as she walks along the path of self-expression. A timeless favorite, Anne of Green Gables leaves a mark on all that have come across the bright and imaginative character portrayed by Anne. It is nevertheless a little girl’s imagination, romanticism, free-spirit and playful antics that have presented Montgomery’s novel with a special place in the world of literature. All books in this series:1 Anne of Green Gables2 Anne of Avonlea3 Anne of the Island5 Anne’s House of Dreams7 Rainbow Valley8 Rilla of Ingleside



- Great

Great book and great narration overall.


- love it!!!

I am a nine year old girl and I have to say I LOVE IT! I love it with all my heart!


- Rachel Lynde

Rachel is so nosey. she should definitely mind her own business.

but really, other than that, this book was so great, and reading it really helped me relax and just gave me a sense of happiness.

I loved listening to this book, and the characters voices were just as I imagined them, but every time Diana talked, I pictured an old woman instead of an eleven year old, so that was the only problem.

Ricardo Carvalho

- Good job but...

The read was great but Diana and Aunt Josephine's voice should be switched.


i love love love Anne of Green Gables and I read it about 5 times


Arielle Lipshaw is my favourite narrator. Her voice is so sweet. But Diana sounded like old granny.

The story was great i was listening to it on my drive home from work-as well , wish i could find another story like it i love all the different voices , i had a friend in school that had a bad sinus problem and she sounded just like dianas voice so it was ok for me reminded me of Cheryl, why cant i find #6 anne of engleside . So happy her and gilbert finally got together


- Anne of Green Gable

I love reading Anne of Green Gable