Andersen's Fairy Tales (Version 2) cover

Andersen's Fairy Tales (Version 2)

Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875)

1. The Emperor's New Clothes
2. The Swineherd
3. The Real Princess
4. The Shoes of Fortune, Part 1
5. The Shoes of Fortune, Part 2
6. The Fir Tree
7. The Snow Queen
8. The Leap-Frog
9. The Elderbush
10. The Bell
11. The Old House
12. The Happy Family
13. The Story of A Mother
14. The False Collar
15. The Shadow
16. The Little Match Girl
17. The Dram of Little Tuk
18. The Naughty Boy
19. The Red Shoes

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    A small collection of some of H.C. Andersen's fairy tales -- including The Emperor's New Clothes, The Red Shoes, The Naughty Boy and fifteen others.



    - andersen's fairy tales

    it very good


    - nehemiah

    this is so funny


    - oops

    evil ideas or how to trick big people, but so many idea tales.

    Sudha Thomas

    - Reading speed and modulation

    The reading is very fast. Telling a story and voice modulations are a skill. Many readings seem to be missing this. Difficult for children to follow and does not capture attention.


    - Nice presentation

    The best readers are for The Fir Tree and the Snow Queen. It really is skill + voice that makes the story come alive. Anderson always breaks the heart with his characters and their sad experiences! I know this will be a resource for my library.

    Most volunteers need to read more slowly for children's books. Some readers should not be reading at all, since they have little expression.


    - Review

    This was not an exciting book to listen to but it was nice. Such a different world back then. Narrations were good.


    - Could be better

    Some of the stories are read better than others with different narrators. When they are read so dull, like some of the stories I would not advice to play it to children, for adults it seems okay when you’re concentrated. About the author I think most of his stories don’t have a happy ending thus the book is quite sad. From all the stories just a few are really good, like the little match girl, emperors new clothes or the fir tree.

    - good book

    Good book but needs more stories.

    Sheri Chee

    - Andersen's Fairy Tale

    The voice is so sad and depressing in chapter 2. I will not let my children listen to this audio. Such an interesting story being told in such a sad and monotonous tone.