An Old-Fashioned Girl cover

An Old-Fashioned Girl

Louisa May Alcott

1. 01 – Preface/Polly Arrives
2. 02 – New Fashions
3. 03 – Polly’s Troubles
4. 04 – Little Things
5. 05 – Scrapes
6. 06 – Grandma
7. 07 – Good-by
8. 08 – Six Years Afterward
9. 09 – Lessons
10. 10 – Brothers and Sisters
11. 11 – Needles and Tongues
12. 12 – Forbidden Fruit
13. 13 – The Sunny Side
14. 14 – Nipped in the Bud
15. 15 – Breakers Ahead
16. 16 – A Dress Parade
17. 17 – Playing Grandmother
18. 18 – The Woman Who Did Not Dare
19. 19 – Tom’s Success

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Polly Milton, a 14-year-old country girl, visits her friend Fanny Shaw and her wealthy family in the city for the first time. Poor Polly is overwhelmed by the splendor at the Shaws’ and their urbanized, fashionable lifestyles, fancy clothes and some other habits she considers weird and, mostly, unlikable. However, Polly’s warmth, support and kindness eventually win her the hearts of all the family members. Six years later, Polly comes back to the city to become a music teacher.



- An Old Fashioned Girl

This book is very well written!! I love it.


- Old Fashioned Girl

Great reader/storyteller! My daughter had this on her reading list for school. This audio version really helped me know the story too since I didn't have time to sit down and read it.

Claire Lee

I love this book

Ah, lovely. This is a wonderful book and the reader made this wonderful story come to life even more.


I've loved this book for many years and its so hard to find in print nowadays. Thus, I was excited to find this audio book and the reader really did an excellent job. She is very professional and should do more!