Intimate View of Robert G. Ingersoll cover

Intimate View of Robert G. Ingersoll

I. Newton Baker (1838-)

1. Chapter 1, An Intimate View
2. Chapter 2, As A Lawyer
3. Chapter 3, In His Office
4. Chapter 4, As Orator and Writer (and Ebon's Eulogy)
5. Chapter 5, His Method In Composition
6. Chapter 6, Liberty
7. Chapter 7, Part I, The Dresden Edition, Optimism vs Pessimism, Intellectual Intimates, Philanthropy, Smoking, Mistakes and Slanders
8. Chapter 7, Part II, Abuse vs. Argument, Obscene Literature, Agnosticism, Immortality, God, Religion, My Bible
9. Chapter 8, On Eternal Punishment, True Consolation, Providence, Miracles, Nature and Man, Iconoclasm
10. Chapters 9 & 10 - His View of Christ; His Creed: "Declaration of The Free"
11. Chapter 11, His Personality
12. Chapter 12, His Last Illness and Death

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Written as a tribute to Colonel Robert G. Ingersoll after his death, by Isaac Newton Baker, his secretary of 14 years, and presented to the Ingersoll family. Later expanded and published by the family so the world could learn more about the public and private life, personality, work, thoughts and ideals of the most famous orator of the late 1800's, also dubbed "The Greatest Agnostic Of the Century".