American Scenery, Vol. 1 cover

American Scenery, Vol. 1

Nathaniel Parker Willis (1806-1867)

1. Preface
2. American Scenery
3. Niagara Falls, from the Ferry
4. View from West Point
5. Trenton Falls, View down the Ravine
6. View from Mount Holyoke
7. The Outlet of Niagara River
8. The Palisades, Hudson River
9. The Rapids above the Falls of Niagara
10. Saratoga Lake
11. The Colonnade of Congress Hall, Saratoga Springs
12. Albany
13. Crow’s Nest, from Bull Hill, West Point
14. View below Table Rock
15. Lake Winipiseogee
16. Kosciusko’s Monument
17. The Horseshoe Falls at Niagara, with the Tower
18. The Narrows, at Staten Island
19. View of the Capitol at Washington
20. View of the Ruins of Fort Ticonderoga
21. View from Fort Putnam
22. View of State Street, Boston
23. Niagara Falls, from Clifton House
24. View from Hyde Park
25. Village of Sing-Sing
26. View from Ruggle’s House, Newburgh
27. Descent into the Valley of Wyoming
28. Boston, from Dorchester Heights
29. View of Faneuil Hall, Boston
30. New York Bay, from the Telegraph Station
31. Peekskill Landing
32. Lighthouse near Caldwell Landing
33. Harper’s Ferry, from the Potomac Side
34. Caldwell, Lake George
35. Centre Harbour, Lake Winipiseogee
36. Yale College, at New Haven
37. Willey House—White Mountains
38. Battle Monument, Baltimore
39. Forest Scene on Lake Ontario
40. Viaduct on the Baltimore and Washington Rail-road
41. The Indian Falls near Coldspring
42. Columbia Bridge, over the Susquehanna
43. The Genessee Falls, Rochester
44. The Ferry at Brooklyn, New York
45. Rail-road to Utica, Little Falls
46. Utica & The Landing, on the American side, Falls of Niagara
47. View From Mount Washington
48. Mount Washington, and the White Hills
49. The Park and City Hall, New York
50. The Two Lakes, and the Mountain House on the Catskills
51. Trenton High Falls
52. The Valley of the Shenandoah, from Jefferson’s Rock
53. Lockport, Erie Canal
54. The Tomb of Washington, Mount Vernon
55. Black Mountain, Lake George
56. Valley of the Connecticut, from Mount Holyoke
57. View on the Erie Canal, near Little Falls
58. Hudson Highlands, from Bull Hill
59. Villa on the Hudson, near Weehawken
60. View of Meredith, New Hampshire
61. Ballston Springs
62. The Narrows, from Fort Hamilton
63. The Notch House, White Mountains
64. Wilkesbarre, Vale of Wyoming
65. Squawm Lake, New Hampshire
66. Sabbath-Day Point, Lake George

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Although the focus of this book is the engravings depicting scenic sites of 19th century America, each is accompanied by a short description of the site and location. These vignettes give us rare glimpses of scenic locations as they appeared in 1840. All sites are in the eastern part of the United States, especially New England and New York. This is Volume One of a two-volume set.