American Psychology, 1922-1947 cover

American Psychology, 1922-1947


1. Differential Action upon the Sexes of Forces which Tend to Segregate the Feebleminded
2. Laboratory Study of Fear: The Case of Peter, A
3. Has Psychology Failed?
4. Studies of Interference in Serial Verbal Reactions
5. Two Types of Conditioned Reflex and a Pseudo Type
6. On Two Types of Conditioned Reflex
7. Reply to Konorski and Miller, A
8. Development of Consciousness of Self and the Emergence of Racial Identification in Negro Preschool Children
9. Abilities of Infants During the First Eighteen Months
10. Skin Color as a Factor in Racial Identification of Negro Preschool Children
11. Theory of Human Motivation, A
12. 12 - A Theory of Human Motivation (sections III to end)
13. Attitudes and Cognitive Organisation
14. Significant Aspects of Client-Centred Therapy
15. Value and Need as Organizing Factors in Perception
16. Some Observations on the Organisation of Personality
17. 17 - Some Observations on the Organisation of Personality (Part 2)

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This is the second of what is intended to be three projects featuring journal articles which chart the development of psychology as an academic discipline in the United States during the twentieth century. This collection includes key texts in the development of behaviourism, neuropsychological testing, the psychology of race and humanist therapeutic psychology. Many thanks to staff at the American Psychological Association, Taylor and Francis and Phi Beta Kappa who have helped us to establish that these papers are public domain for those who live in the United States or countries that recognise the Rule of the Shorter Term.