American Philosophy Collection Vol. 1 cover

American Philosophy Collection Vol. 1


1. Of What Sort is Cognitive Experience
2. The Knowledge Experience and Its Relationships
3. Cognitive Experience and Its Object
4. The Knowledge Experience Again
5. Cognitive Thought and 'Immediate' Experience
6. Reality as Experience
7. Pure Experience and Reality
8. Pure Experience and Reality, A Disclaimer
9. Pure Experience and Reality, A Reassertion
10. The Logical Character of Ideas
11. The Chicago 'Idea' and Idealism
12. Objects, Data, and Experience, A Reply to Professor McGilvary
13. The Reflex Arc Concept in Psychology
14. Prolegomena to a Tentative Realism
15. Pragmatic Realism, The Five Attributes
16. The Metaphysical Status of Sensations

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This collection of articles in early 20th Century American philosophy focuses on the topics of realism, experience, and ideas, with particular attention to the pragmatic naturalism of John Dewey. In tracks 1-5, Dewey responds to critics of his famous article “The Postulate of Immediate Empiricism” (available in Short Nonfiction Collection Vol.034). Tracks 6-12 constitute a series of pointed debates between Dewey and E. B. McGilvary on the topics of time, ideas, and reality. Tracks 13-16 include stand-alone articles on related topics, including Dewey’s influential critique of “The Reflex Arc Concept in Psychology.” Authors include: John Dewey, B. H. Bode, Frederick J. E. Woodbridge, J. A. Leighton, Evander Bradley McGilvary, John E. Boodin, and Sterling P. Lamprecht.