American Bee Journal, Vol. VI. No. 5, Nov 1870 cover

#1 - Cure of Foulbrood

American Bee Journal, Vol. VI. No. 5, Nov 1870

Download Purity of Italian Queens and Italian Queens audio
Download Natural, Prolific, and Hardy Queens, Part 3 audio
Download The Looking-Glass Once More and More About the Looking-Glass audio
Download Shallow Hives, or Deep? audio
Download Upward Ventilation and Alley’s Improved Langstroth Hive audio
Download Ventilating the Gallup Hive in a Damp Cellar audio
Download Bee Hives, and Shipping Honey in Frames audio
Download The New Smoker and Reply to Mr. Worthington’s Inquiry audio
Download Bees in Bennington, Vermont audio
Download The Season in Massachusetts audio
Download Bees at Binghamton, N. Y. audio
Download Bee Report from Champaign Co., Ills. audio
Download White Clover Crop.—Buckwheat Yielding No Honey audio
Download Honey-producing Plants and The Rocky Mountain Bee Plant audio
Download Silk Weed or Milk Weed and Honey Dew audio
Download Caution and Correction Requested audio
Download Why are Two Queens Sometimes Found in One Hive? audio
Download The Coming Convention audio
Download The Queen Nursery, Do the Right! and The African Honey Tree audio
Download The American Bee Journal audio
Download Correspondence of the Bee Journal audio
Download How May Progress be Taught? audio
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The American Bee Journal is the “oldest bee paper in America established in 1861 devoted to scientific bee-culture and the production and sale of pure honey. Published every Wednesday, by Thomas G. Newman, Editor and Proprietor” In this issue are included articles on wintering bees, foulbrood, introducing queens, hives, and reports from Vermont, New York, Illinois, and Massachusetts, among other topics and correspondence. - Summary by Larry Wilson

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