Almond-Blossom cover


Olive Wadsley (1859?-1959?)

1. Chapter 1 Part 1
2. Chapter 1 Part 2
3. Chapter 2 Part 1
4. Chapter 2 Part 2
5. Chapter 3
6. Chapter 4
7. Chapter 5
8. Chapter 6
9. Chapter 7
10. Chapter 8
11. Chapter 9
12. Chapter 10
13. Chapter 11
14. Chapter 12
15. Chapter 13
16. Chapter 14
17. Chapter 15
18. Chapter 16
19. Chapter 17
20. Chapter 18
21. Chapter 19
22. Chapter 20
23. Chapter 21
24. Chapter 22 Part 1
25. Chapter 22 Part 2
26. Chapter 23

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    At the beginning of the story, Tony and Fay had lost a child. One day, Tony saves a little girl, Doro, from drowning. He and Fay end up adopting Doro. Soon after this, Fay discovers that she is with-child. She gives birth to a son, Rex, but tragedy soon follows. We follow the story of Doro and Rex, their unusual upbringing, and how time works its ways upon their relationships with their family members and with each other. For they have always known each other, and as they grow up, soon begin to see the other in a different light. This novel is a graceful portrayal of family relationships, growing up, dealing with loss and grief, and the realization that love reveals itself in the most unpredictable ways. Not much is known about the author except that she was an active contributor to a periodical called The Star from the 1920’s to mid-1930’s. She was also known to be a theater-goer who was interested in languages, as well as an avid motorist. It seems that she is even credited with being the first Englishwoman who rode the Zeppelin in Hamburg.