Absolute Surrender and Other Addresses cover

Absolute Surrender and Other Addresses

Andrew Murray (1828-1917)

1. 01_Absolute Surrender
2. 02_The Fruit of the Spirit is Love
3. 03_Separated Unto the Holy Ghost
4. 04_Peter
5. 05_Impossible With Man, Possible With God
6. 06_O Wretched Man That I Am
7. 07_Having Begun in the Spirit
8. 08_Kept By the Power of God
9. 09_Ye Are the Branches

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This is a series of short messages written by the South African minister, Andrew Murray. They deal with the necessity and joy of surrendering our lives completely to God.


Michael A

- Absolute Surrender by Andrew Murray

Some insightful content on dying to ones self in the flesh and surrendering all to Christ. Powerful message..

Jenn N

- Absolute Surrender by Andrew Murray

This book is chok full of inspiring and encouraging information on how to grow in your relationship with Christ. Highly recommended.

Debbie M

- Absolute Surrender

Life impacting message. Joy Chan read very well. I enjoyed listening to her voice. She reads with understanding and passion. Loved it! Listen prayerfully and let the Holy Spirit guide your response. Powerful!