Abide in Christ cover

Abide in Christ

Andrew Murray (1828-1917)

1. 00 - Preface and Text
2. 01 - First Day: All Ye Who Have Come to Him
3. 02 - Second Day: And Ye Shall Find Rest to Your Souls
4. 03 - Third Day: Trusting Him to Keep You
5. 04 - Fourth Day: As the Branch in the Vine
6. 05 - Fifth Day: As You Came to Him, by Faith
7. 06 - Sixth Day: God Himself Has United You to HIm
8. 07 - Seventh Day: As Your Wisdom
9. 08 - Eighth Day: As Your Righteousness
10. 09 - Ninth Day: As Your Sanctification
11. 10 - Tenth Day: As Your Redemption
12. 11 - Eleventh Day: The Crucified One
13. 12 - Twelfth Day: God Himself Will Establish You in Him
14. 13 - Thirteenth Day: Every Moment
15. 14 - Fourteenth Day: Day by Day
16. 15 - Fifteenth Day: At This Moment
17. 16 - Sixteenth Day: Forsaking All for Him
18. 17 - Seventeenth Day: Through the Holy Spirit
19. 18 - Eighteenth Day: In Stillness of Soul
20. 19 - Nineteenth Day: In Affliction and Trial
21. 20 - Twentieth Day: That You May Bear Much Fruit
22. 21 - Twenty-first Day: So Will You Have Power in Prayer
23. 22 - Twenty-second Day: And in His Love
24. 23 - Twenty-third Day: As Christ in the Father
25. 24 - Twenty-fourth Day: Obeying His Commandments
26. 25 - Twenty-fifth Day: That Your Joy May Be Full
27. 26 - Twenty-sixth Day: And in Love to the Brethren
28. 27 - Twenty-seventh Day: That You May Not Sin
29. 28 - Twenty-eighth Day: As Your Strength
30. 29 - Twenty-ninth Day: And Not In Self
31. 30 - Thirtieth Day: As the Surety of the Covenant
32. 31 - Thirty-first Day: The Glorified One

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Towards the close of his ministry on earth, Jesus taught his disciples of the need for them to abide in Him. This word "abide" speaks of the intimacy of fellowship with the Master to which his followers are still invited. Andrew Murray wrote this series of meditations, which he subtitled "Thoughts on the Blessed Life of Fellowship with the Son of God", out of a conviction that many believers are missing out on something that is really at the heart of a healthy Christian life. The author explains that many, although they trust the Lord for forgiveness and help, have yet to experience the blessing of a day by day and hour by hour walk with the Lord, and therefore are not enjoying the power, the joy and the fruitfulness that is available to each one. He shows how, by taking the time to live closer to Jesus, we may move into a deeper and stronger Christian experience.