Yesterday Framed in To-day: A Story of the Christ, and How To-Day Received Him cover

#1 - 'We Have Heard the Fame of Him'

Yesterday Framed in To-day: A Story of the Christ, and How To-Day Received Him

Download 'We Have Heard the Fame of Him' audio
Download 'It Was a True Report Which I Heard in Mine Own Land' audio
Download 'We Have Heard His Voice Out of the Midst of the Fire' audio
Download 'Who Healeth All Thy Diseases' audio
Download 'He Hath Put a New Song in My Mouth' audio
Download 'They Opened Their Mouth Wide Against Me. They Said, 'Aha, Aha, Our Eye Hath Seen It'' audio
Download 'I Will Not Refrain My Lips' audio
Download 'Who Hath Believed Our Report?' audio
Download 'He that Soweth Iniquity, Shall Reap Calamity' audio
Download 'Hear Ye Indeed, but Understand Not' audio
Download 'There Is No Beauty, that We Should Desire Him' audio
Download 'I Will Seek Him Whom My Soul Loveth' audio
Download 'He Is Despised and Rejected of Men' audio
Download 'He Hath Sent Me to Bind up the Broken-Hearted' audio
Download 'A Man's Heart Deviseth His Way' audio
Download 'Can God Prepare a Table in the Wilderness?' audio
Download 'They Have Taught their Tongue to Speak Lies' audio
Download 'As the Hart Panteth After the Water Brooks' audio
Download 'If Any Man Thirst --' audio
Download 'To Open the Blind Eyes' audio
Download 'I Will Declare Thy Name unto My Brethren' audio
Download 'Give Us Help from Trouble' audio
Download 'Hope Deferred Maketh the Heart Sick' audio
Download 'Shall the Dead Arise and Praise Thee?' audio
Download 'Lover and Friend Hast Thou Put Far from Me' audio
Download 'Smite the Shepherd, and the Sheep Shall Be Scattered' audio
Download 'He Hath Swallowed up Death Forever' audio
Download 'I Will Work, and Who Shall Let It?' audio
Download 'Therefore Will Not We Fear' audio

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What would have happened if Christ hadn't come to Israel 2000 years ago, but had come to North America at the end of the 19th Century? This story makes that assumption and paints a picture of what it might have looked like - how different members of society might have reacted. The story follows David Holman, an invalid young man at the opening of the story.

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