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#1 - 01 - A Mysterious Dog

Under the Lilacs

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Download 06 - A Circulating Library audio
Download 07 - New Friends Trot In audio
Download 08 - Miss Celia's Man audio
Download 10 - A Heavy Trouble audio
Download 13 - Somebody Runs Away audio
Download 14 - Somebody Gets Lost audio
Download 16 - Detective Thornton audio
Download 17 - Betty's Bravery audio
Download 18 - Bows and Arrows audio
Download 19 - Speaking Pieces audio
Download 20 - Ben's Birthday audio
Download 21 - Cupid's Last Appearance audio
Download 22 - A Boy's Bargain audio
Download 23 - Somebody Comes audio
Download 24 - The Great Gate is Opened audio

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"When two young girls decide to have a tea party with their dolls and a mysterious dog comes and eats their prized cake, they end up finding a circus run-away, Ben Brown. Ben is a horse master, and loves horses, so when the Moss' take the young boy in, they decide to give him work at the neighbors house driving cows (on a horse, of course). After that a series of events happens, and Ben finds out his beloved father is dead. Miss Celia, a neighbor, feels sorry and comforts him, and finally offers to let Ben stay with her and her fourteen-year-old brother, Thornton who is called Thorny. After that many adventures and summer-happenings go on in Celia's house. Sancho gets lost, Ben is accused of stealing, Miss Celia even gets hurt and Ben takes a wild ride on his horse, and… The rest you'll know from reading the book."

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