Audiobook: Tom Swift and His War Tank

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Tom Swift and His War Tank

1 - 01 โ€“ Chapters 1 & 2


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Tom Swift, that prolific youthful inventor, is engaged in trying to help the Allies win WWI. After reading newspaper accounts of the British tanks, Tom takes a sheet of paper and sets out to design a better one from scratch. And fortunately, he can throw the whole family business behind his venture.

He has two problems: First, his friends and acquaintances are questioning his patriotism because he hasnโ€™t enlisted as a rifleman for the front lines. Even his girl is worried his blood isnโ€™t true-blue. But thatโ€™s because he is developing his tank in secret, and they donโ€™t know heโ€™s concentrating on winning the war the American way, with machines.

The second problem is that the German spies have penetrated the secret of what is being built in the high-security shop on the Swift property. And they will stop at nothing to steal its design โ€“ not kidnapping Tom, and not kidnapping the tank itself, complete with crew.

Tom and his buddies had better work fast, or the American riflemen are going to find the Kaiserโ€™s soldiers using American-designed tanks against them!

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