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Frozen North

Download Sir John Franklin 1818 audio
Download Franklin's First Land Journey 1819-1821 audio
Download Franklin's Second Land Journey 1825-1827 audio
Download The Voyage of the Erebus and the Terror 1845 audio
Download Elisha Kent Kane 1853 audio
Download Winter in Rensselaer Harbor 1853-1854 audio
Download Hunting in the Icy North audio
Download Nordenskjold and the Northeast Passage 1878-1879 audio
Download Voyage of the Jeannette 1879-1881 audio
Download Greely in Grinnell Land 1881-1883 audio
Download Farthest North of the Greely Party 1882 audio
Download Lieutenant Schwatka in Alaska 1883 audio
Download Nansen Crosses Greenland 1888 audio
Download The Voyage of the Fram 1893-1896 audio
Download Peary Crosses Greenland 1891-1897 audio
Download Andrees Balloon Expedition to the Pole 1897 audio
Download Expedition of 1902 audio
Download The Discovery of the North Pole by Robert E. Peary audio
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The Frozen North offers short sketches of the first men who bravely took great risks to explore the unknown polar regions and unlock the mysteries held there.

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