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#1 - 01 - Book 1, 1-318: Introduction, Feast of Janus, Temples of Jove and Asculapius dedicated


Download 01 - Book 1, 1-318: Introduction, Feast of Janus, Temples of Jove and Asculapius dedicated audio
Download 02 - Book 1, 319-486: Cancer sets, Lyra rises, Jani Agonalia, Dolphin arises, Mid-Winter audio
Download 03 - Book 1, 487-775: Festival of Carmentis and Juturna, Ides of January, Rites of Porrima and Postverta, Temple of Concordia, Sol in Aquarius, Sementivan Feasts, Castor and Pollux, Altar of Peace audio
Download 04 - Book 2, 1-275: Introduction, Februarius, Temple of Sospita Consecrated, Lucaria, Dolphin sets, Ides, Arctophylax rises, Feast of Faunus, Corvus Crater and Hydra rise audio
Download 05 - Book 2, 276-683: Lupercalia, Sol in Piscibus, Quirinalia, Feast of Fools and Fornicalia, Feralia, Feast of Dea Muta, Charistia audio
Download 06 - Book 2, 684-919: Terminalia, Regifugium, Equiria in Campus Martius audio
Download 07 - Book 3, 1-428: Introduction, Matronalia, Feast of Ancilia audio
Download 08 - Book 3, 429-565: Piscis Notius sets, Feast of Vesta, Templum Vejovis, Pegasus rises, Ariadne's crown rises, Equiria by the Tiber audio
Download 09 - Book 3, 566-945: Feast of Anna Perenna, The murder of Julius Caesar, Liberalia, Milvus rises, Minervae Captae Festum, Sol in Aries, Equinox, Feast of Luna audio
Download 10 - Book 4, 1-436: Introduction, Venus celebrated, Fortuna Virilis celebrated, Pleiades set, Megalesia, Fortuna publica, Orion sets audio
Download 11 - Book 4, 437-827: Cereal Games, Fordicidia, Circensian Games, Sol in Taurus audio
Download 12 - Book 4, 828-1111: Palilia, Rome founded, Vinalia of Venus and Jove, Rubigalia, Feast of Vesta, Phoebus and Augustus audio
Download 13 - Book 5, 1-202: Introduction, Capella rises, Rites of Bona Dea, Hyades rise audio
Download 14 - Book 5, 203-557: Floralia, Centaur rises, Lemuria audio
Download 15 - Book 5, 558-843: Orion sets, Feast of Mars Bisultor, Taurus rises, Feast of Mercury, Sol in Gemini, Agonalia, Tubilustria, Hyades rise audio
Download 16 - Book 6, 1-295: Introduction, Feast of Carna, Temple to Juno Moneta, Temple to Bellona, Temple to Mens audio
Download 17 - Book 6, 296-567: Vestalia, Altar to Juppiter Pistor,Palladium snatched from the fire, Delphin arises audio
Download 18 - Book 6, 568-980: Matralia, Temple of Fortune Dedicated, Temple of Concord dedicated, Quinquatria Minoria, Orion rises, Feast of Fors Fortuna, Feast of Hercules and the Muses audio

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The Fasti is a Latin poem in six books, written by Ovid and believed to have been published in 8 AD. The Fasti is organized according to the Roman calendar and explains the origins of Roman holidays and associated customs, often through the mouths of deities and with multiple aetiologies. The poem was left unfinished when the poet was exiled to Tomis, so only the first six months of the year appear in the poem.

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