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#1 - Sammy Jay Makes a Fuss

Adventures of Sammy Jay

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Download Chatterer Screws up His Courage audio
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Download Sammy Jay Tells His Troubles to Reddy Fox audio
Download Reddy Fox Plays Spy audio
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Download Chatterer and Sammy Jay Make Up audio
Download Chatterer Has to Keep His Promise audio
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Download Chatterer Remembers Something audio
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Download Chatterer Hits on a Plan at Last audio
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There's nothing that sly troublemaker Sammy Jay likes better than stealing corn - unless it's playing tricks on the other animals in the forest. Yet Chatterer the Red Squirrel would like to keep his corn, thank you very much, and while he's at it prove he is just as smart as Sammy Jay! Thornton Burgess takes us once again into the charming world of the Green Forest and Green Meadows in this delightful story.

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