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#1 - 01 - Murder and Pillage

Tarzan the Untamed

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Download 03 - In the German Lines audio
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Download 06 - Vengeance and Mercy audio
Download 08 - Tarzan and the Great Apes audio
Download 09 - Dropped from the Sky audio
Download 10 - In the Hands of Savages audio
Download 11 - Finding the Airplane audio
Download 12 - The Black Flier audio
Download 13 - Usanga's Reward audio
Download 14 - The Black Lion audio
Download 15 - Mysterious Footprints audio
Download 16 - The Night Attack audio
Download 17 - The Walled City audio
Download 18 - Among the Maniacs audio
Download 19 - The Queen's Story audio
Download 21 - In the Alcove audio
Download 22 - Out of the Niche audio
Download 23 - The Flight from Xuja audio

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This book follows Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar chronologically. The action is set during World War I. While away from his plantation home in East Africa, invading German troops destroy it and kill his wife Jane and the Waziri warrior Wasimbu who is left crucified. Tarzan's search for vengeance is filled with much danger, many fierce fights and tons of action as he becomes active in the war on the British side. This is really just the start of the exciting adventures portrayed in this book.

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