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#1 - 01 - Cuffy Wakes Up

Tale of Cuffy Bear

Download 02 - Cuffy Bear Finds a Porcupine audio
Download 03 - Cuffy and the Wonderful Spring audio
Download 04 - Cuffy Learns Something audio
Download 05 - Cuffy and the Maple Sugar audio
Download 06 - Cuffy Meets a Man audio
Download 07 - The Ice Goes Out of the River audio
Download 08 - Cuffy Learns to Swim audio
Download 10 - Cuffy Climbs Blue Mountain audio
Download 11 - Mrs. Eagle is Angry audio
Download 12 - Cuffy Bear Goes to Market audio
Download 14 - Cuffy Likes Baked Beans audio
Download 15 - Hunting for a Bee Tree audio
Download 16 - The Bees Sting Cuffy audio
Download 17 - Cuffy Bear Goes Swimming audio
Download 18 - Cuffy Frightens His Mother audio
Download 19 - The Little Bear Peter audio
Download 20 - Learning to Box audio
Download 21 - The Forest Fire audio
Download 22 - The Rain Comes audio
Download 23 - Cuffy Bear Grows Sleepy audio
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A whimsical tale about the life of Cuffy bear on Blue Mountain. Cuffy is a very mischevious, disobedient bear who gets into all kinds of scrapes because he refuses to listen to his parents. He most always ends up in trouble or pain as a result of his mishaps.

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