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#1 - 01 - Introduction I - The Priest

The Story of Gösta Berling

Download 01 - Introduction I - The Priest audio
Download 02 - Introduction Part II - The Beggar audio
Download 03 - Part I Chapter I - The Landscape audio
Download 04 - Part I Chapter II - Christmas Eve audio
Download 05 - Part I Chapter III - Christmas Day audio
Download 06 - Part I Chapter IV - Gösta Berling, Poet audio
Download 07 - Part I Chapter V - La Cachucha audio
Download 08 - Part I Chapter VI - The Ball at Ekeby audio
Download 09 - Part I Chapter VII - The Old Vehicles audio
Download 10 - Part I Chapter VIII - The Great Bear in Gurlitta Cliff audio
Download 11 - Part I Chapter IX - The Auction at Björne audio
Download 12 - Part I Chapter X - The Young Countess audio
Download 13 - Part I Chapter XI - Ghost Stories audio
Download 14 - Part I Chapter XII - Ebba Dohna's Story audio
Download 15 -Part I Chapter XIII - Mamselle Marie audio
Download 16 - Part II Chapter I - Cousin Christopher audio
Download 17 - Part II Chapter II - The Paths of Life audio
Download 18 - Part II Chapter II - Penitence audio
Download 19 - Part II Chapter IV - The Iron from Ekeby audio
Download 20 - Part II Chapter V - Lilliecrona's Home audio
Download 21 - Part II Chapter VI - The Witch of Dovre audio
Download 22 - Part II Chapter VII - Midsummer audio
Download 23 - Part II Chapter VIII - Madame Musica audio
Download 24 - Part II Chapter IX - The Broby Clergyman audio
Download 25 - Part II Chapter X - Patron Julius audio
Download 26 - Part II Chapter XI - The Plaster Saints audio
Download 27 - Part II Chapter XII - God's Wayfarer audio
Download 28 - Part II Chapter XIII - The Churchyard audio
Download 29 - Part II Chapter XIV - Old Songs audio
Download 30 - Part II Chapter XV - Death the Deliverer audio
Download 31 - Part II Chapter XVI - The Drought audio
Download 32 - Part II Chapter XVII - The Child's Mother audio
Download 33 - Part II Chapter XVIII - Amor Vincit Omnia audio
Download 34 - Part II Chapter XIX - The Broom-Girl audio
Download 35 - Part II Chapter XX - KevenhĂĽller audio
Download 36 - Part II Chapter XXI - The Broby Fair audio
Download 37 - Part II Chapter XXII - The Forest Cottage audio
Download 38 - Part II Chapter XXIII - Margareta Celsing audio
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The Story of Gösta Berling" was published in Sweden in 1894 and immediately brought its author into prominence.
The tales are founded on actual occurrences and depict the life in the province of Värmland at the beginning of the 19th Century century. Värmland is a lonely tract in the southern part of Sweden, and has retained many of its old customs, while mining is the principal industry of its sparse population. It consists of great stretches of forest, sloping down to long, narrow lakes, connected by rivers.
Miss Lagerlöf has grown up in the midst of the wild legends of her country, and, deeply imbued with their spirit, interprets them with a living force all her own.

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