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#1 - 01 - Chapter 1, Introduces A Gentleman

The Sign of Silence

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Download 02 - Chapter 2, The Scent audio
Download 03 - Chapter 3, Describes The Trysting Place audio
Download 04 - Chapter 4, Dear Old Dig audio
Download 05 - Chapter 5, Time Will Prove audio
Download 06 - Chapter 6, The Piece of Conviction audio
Download 07 - Chapter 7, Fatal Fingers audio
Download 08 - Chapter 8, Contains Further Evidence audio
Download 09 - Chapter 9, Describes The Yellow Sign audio
Download 10 - Chapter 10, Cherchez La Femme audio
Download 11 - Chapter 11, In Which An Allegation Is Made audio
Download 12 - Chapter 12, Phrida Makes Confession audio
Download 13 - Chapter 13, The Fugitive's Secret audio
Download 14 - Chapter 14, Reveals A Further Deception audio
Download 15 - Chapter 15, An Effaced Identity audio
Download 16 - Chapter 16, Reveals Another Enigma audio
Download 17 - Chapter 17, Concerns Mrs. Petre audio
Download 18 - Chapter 18, Discloses The Trap audio
Download 19 - Chapter 19, The Seal of Silence audio
Download 20 - Chatper 20, From The Tomb audio
Download 21 - Chapter 21, Records A Strange Statement audio
Download 22 - Chapter 22, Marie Bracq! audio
Download 23 - Chapter 23, Love's Confession audio
Download 24 - Chapter 24, Official Secrecy audio
Download 25 - Chapter 25 - Fremy of the Sûreté audio
Download 26 - Chapter 26, Shows Expert Methods audio
Download 27 - Chapter 27, Edwards Becomes More Puzzled audio
Download 28 - Chapter 28, Further Admissions audio
Download 29 - Chapter 29, The Seller of Shawls audio
Download 30 - Chapter 30, Face To Face audio
Download 31 - Chapter 31, Shows The Truth Teller audio
Download 32 - Chatper 32, Is The Conclusion audio
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Edward Royle is the head of a well-known chemical manufacturer in England, which he has inherited. He is engaged to the daughter of his father’s former partner, Phrida Shand, who lives with her mother. One night he is asked by his friend, Sir Digby Kemsley – a very famous railroad engineer, to come to his flat to discuss something although Kemsley is quite mysterious on the telephone. Royle visits, then returns home only to be summoned again by Kemsley, this time imploring him to return at once. Royle finds a gentleman in Kemsley’s place who is clearly not Kemsley, or is he? Kemsley asks Royle to trust him but that night, a young woman is murdered at Kemsley’s flat. Kemsley has disappeared. Royle discovers that his fiancé was in Kemsley’s flat at the time of the murder and is obviously hiding something. Once again, Le Queux takes us through a maze of intrigue and locations in Europe.

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