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#1 - 01 - Introduces Ambler Jevons

The Seven Secrets

Download 01 - Introduces Ambler Jevons audio
Download 02 - A Very Ugly Secret audio
Download 05 - Discloses A Mystery audio
Download 06 - In Which I Make A Discovery audio
Download 07 - The Man Short And His Story audio
Download 08 - Ambler Jevons Is Inquisitive audio
Download 10 - Which Puzzles The Doctors audio
Download 11 - Concerns My Private Affairs audio
Download 12 - I Receive A Visitor audio
Download 14 - Is Distinctly Curious audio
Download 15 - I Am Called For Consultation audio
Download 16 - Reveals An Astounding Fact audio
Download 17 - Discusses Several Matters audio
Download 18 - Words Of The Dead audio
Download 19 - Jevons Grows Mysterious audio
Download 20 - My New Patient audio
Download 21 - Woman's Wiles audio
Download 23 - The Mystery of Mary audio
Download 24 - Ethelwynn Is Silent audio
Download 25 - Forms A Bewildering Enigma audio
Download 26 - Ambler Jevons Is Busy audio
Download 27 - Mr. Lane's Romance audio
Download 28 - Poor Mrs. Courtenay audio
Download 29 - The Police Are At Fault audio
Download 30 - Sir Bernard's Decision audio
Download 31 - Contains The Plain Truth audio
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A true “whodunit” with as many twists and turns as an English country road. Old man Courtenay is found murdered in his bed. Dr. Ralph Boyd is summoned to Courtenay Manor to examine the slain man and discovers a clue that might solve the case. But, he decides to keep the clue private for personal reasons. In the meantime, Scotland Yard has no clues as the culprits or the motive. Dr. Boyd, because of his new found clue, is sure he knows who is the murderer. Or, is it a murderess? His intimate acquaintance, Ambler Jevons, is also investigating the crime but Dr. Boyd does not share his discoveries with him. Sure of his findings, a bizarre midnight encounter turns all Boyd's judgments upside down and the case becomes more peculiar than when it started. What are the seven secrets needed to decode this murder, or is it a conspiracy? One needs to listen to the end to discover the truth.

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