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The Romance of Modern Chemistry

Download 01 - The Dawn of Chemistry audio
Download 02 - Alchemy and the Philosopher's Stone audio
Download 03 - Nature's Building Material audio
Download 04 - Invisible Substances, and How We Know of Their Existence audio
Download 05 - Elements with a Double Identity audio
Download 06 - Metals, Common and Uncommon audio
Download 07 - Where Two Metals are Better than One audio
Download 08 - Acids and Alkalis audio
Download 09 - Natural Waters, and What They May Contain audio
Download 10 - Chemical Changes which Produce Light and Heat audio
Download 11 - How Fire Is Made audio
Download 12 - Nature's Store of Fuels audio
Download 13 - More About Fuel audio
Download 14 - Flame: What is It? audio
Download 15 - Explosions and Explosives audio
Download 17 - Chemistry at High Temperatures audio
Download 18 - Chemistry of the Stars audio
Download 19 - Chemistry of Agriculture audio
Download 20 - Sugar and Starch audio
Download 21 - Fats and Oils audio
Download 22 - How Man Competes with Nature audio
Download 23 - The Adulteration of Food audio
Download 24 - The Value of the By-product audio
Download 25 - Valuable Substances from Unlikely Sources audio
Download 26 - Chemistry and Electricity audio
Download 27 - Some Interesting Facts about Solutions audio
Download 28 - From Solutions to Crystals audio
Download 29 - Great Effects from Small Causes audio
Download 30 - How Trifling Observations Lead to Great Discoveries audio
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A fascinating look back at the state of the art of chemistry 100 years ago, this book by James C. Philip, PhD, an assistant professor of chemistry at The Imperial College of Science and Technology, Kensington, provides a "description in non-technical language of the diverse and wonderful way which chemical forces are at work, and their manifold application in modern life" in 1910. Professor Philip relates many of the key chemical discoveries of early academic researchers in the context of the practical uses to which these discoveries were applied in the early 20th century.

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