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Rocks and Their Origins

Download 01 - On Rocks in General audio
Download 02 - The Limestones, Part 1 audio
Download 03 - The Limestones, Part 2 audio
Download 04 - The Limestones, Part 3 audio
Download 05 - The Sandstones, Part 1 audio
Download 06 - The Sandstones, Part 2 audio
Download 07 - Clays, Shales and Slates, Part 1 audio
Download 08 - Clays, Shales and Slates, Part 2 audio
Download 09 - The Igneous Rocks, Part 1 audio
Download 10 - The Igneous Rocks, Part 2 audio
Download 11 - The Igneous Rocks, Part 3 audio
Download 12 - Metamorphic Rocks, Part 1 audio
Download 13 - Metamorphic Rocks, Part 2 audio
Download 14 - List of the Common Minerals that Form Rocks audio
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Do you know the difference between sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks? Are you interested in their geologic origin, chemical composition or how each type affects the landscape? Do you know the differences between limestone, granite and marble as building materials? You will find these and lots of other interesting facts about rocks in this second edition of "Rocks and Their Origins" published in 1922. The author, Grenville A. J. Cole, was an English geologist, Professor of Geology in the Royal College of Science for Ireland and an avid cyclist.

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