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#1 - 01 - Rick Wants a Dog

Rick and Ruddy

Download 01 - Rick Wants a Dog audio
Download 02 - Ruddy Wants a Home audio
Download 04 - Ruddy's First Hunt audio
Download 06 - Haw-Haw the Crow audio
Download 07 - Why Did Ruddy Growl? audio
Download 09 - Ruddy Helps Sallie audio
Download 10 - Sallie Gets Caught audio
Download 11 - A Mysterious Whistle audio
Download 12 - Ruddy is Gone audio
Download 13 - On the Search audio
Download 14 - The Old Cabin audio
Download 15 - Ruddy and the Sailor audio
Download 17 - The Two Sailors audio
Download 18 - Scouts on the Watch audio
Download 19 - A Bark in the Night audio
Download 20 - Over the Snow audio
Download 21 - Through the Ice audio
Download 22 - The Sailor Comes Again audio
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This delightful story is full of ups and downs involving a young boy and his dog, "a gift from the sea". The adventures range from playful antics to times of peril, and through it all, our protagonists (both human and canine alike) come through for each other as only a dog and his boy can! This adventurous and fun tale will bring you back to your own childhood memories...you and that special tail-wagger from the "good ol' days".

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