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#1 - 01 – The Girl at the Window

The Return of Alfred

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Download 05 – Little Bilstead Receives a Shock audio
Download 06 – The Strangeness of Marjorie audio
Download 07 – Little Bilstead Sits in Judgment audio
Download 08 – Eric Stannard Promises Support audio
Download 09 – Miss Lipscombe Decides on Neutrality audio
Download 10 – Smith Acquires Reach-me-downs audio
Download 11 – Mr. Tassell is Surprised audio
Download 12 – Little Bilstead Goes to Church audio
Download 13 – Nero in Disgrace audio
Download 14 – Smith becomes a Popular Hero audio
Download 15 – A Village divided against Itself audio
Download 16 – P.C. Postle assumes his uniform audio
Download 17 – Mr Gadgett pays a call audio
Download 18 – Eric plays a part audio
Download 19 – Sir John Hildreth inserts an Advertisement audio
Download 20 – Little Bilstead aches with Drama audio
Download 21 – Marjorie hears the News audio
Download 22 – The Unmasking of Smith audio
Download 23 – Mr Gadgett tells the Truth audio
Download 24 – Eric pronounces it spif audio
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The hero of the book is at a loose end, weary and bored of his old life after returning from the Great War. After an argument with his uncle and a railway strike he finds himself lost in the county of Norfolk at ten o’clock one night. When he seeks shelter in a country home, the butler immediately recognizes him as “Mr. Alfred”, the missing son of the house. From that point onwards, our hero, who gives his name as “James Smith”, finds himself in for an exciting time.
Not only does he inherit the friends of “Mr. Alfred”, but also the odium of his misdoings. Protestations are useless: the villagers are convinced he is the prodigal son. Of course, he could just leave the village – but then, had he not been hoping for something exciting to happen – and more importantly, what about Marjorie, the girl at the window?

Originally published anonymously, this romantic comedy was just signed “by the author of “Patricia Brent, Spinster” (a book that was also published anonymously) with a dedication: “To those in many countries who have generously assumed responsibility for the authorship of Patricia Brent, Spinster – this book is dedicated by the author”.

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