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The Return of Alfred

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The hero of the book is at a loose end, weary and bored of his old life after returning from the Great War. After an argument with his uncle and a railway strike he finds himself lost in the county of Norfolk at ten oโ€™clock one night. When he seeks shelter in a country home, the butler immediately recognizes him as โ€œMr. Alfredโ€, the missing son of the house. From that point onwards, our hero, who gives his name as โ€œJames Smithโ€, finds himself in for an exciting time.
Not only does he inherit the friends of โ€œMr. Alfredโ€, but also the odium of his misdoings. Protestations are useless: the villagers are convinced he is the prodigal son. Of course, he could just leave the village โ€“ but then, had he not been hoping for something exciting to happen โ€“ and more importantly, what about Marjorie, the girl at the window?

Originally published anonymously, this romantic comedy was just signed โ€œby the author of โ€œPatricia Brent, Spinsterโ€ (a book that was also published anonymously) with a dedication: โ€œTo those in many countries who have generously assumed responsibility for the authorship of Patricia Brent, Spinster โ€“ this book is dedicated by the authorโ€.

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