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Red Men and White

Download 01 Little Big Horn Medicine, part 1 audio
Download 02 Little Big Horn Medicine, part 2 audio
Download 04 The Serenade At Siskiyou audio
Download 05 The General's Bluff, part 1 audio
Download 06 The General's Bluff, part 2 audio
Download 08 The Second Missouri Compromise, part 1 audio
Download 09 The Second Missouri Compromise, part 2 audio
Download 10 La Tinaja Bonita, part 1 audio
Download 11 La Tinaja Bonita, part 2 audio
Download 12 A Pilgrim On The Gila, part 1 audio
Download 13 A Pilgrim On The Gila, part 2 audio
Download 14 A Pilgrim On The Gila, part 3 audio
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These eight stories are made from our Western Frontier as it was in a past as near as yesterday and almost as by-gone as the Revolution; so swiftly do we proceed. They belong to each other in a kinship of life and manners, and a little through the nearer tie of having here and there a character in common. Thus they resemble faintly the separate parts of a whole, and gain, perhaps, something of the invaluable weight of length; and they have been received by my closest friends with suspicion. ...When our national life, our own soil, is so rich in adventures to record, what need is there for one to call upon his invention save to draw, if he can, characters who shall fit these strange and dramatic scenes? One cannot improve upon such realities. If this fiction is at all faithful to the truth from which it springs, let the thanks be given to the patience and boundless hospitality of the Army friends and other friends across the Missouri who have housed my body and instructed my mind. And if the stories entertain the ignorant without grieving the judicious I am content.

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