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#1 - 00 - Introduction

The Red and the Black, Volume I

Download 04 - A Father and a Son audio
Download 07 - The Effective Affinities audio
Download 09 - An Evening in the Country audio
Download 10 - A Great Heart and a Small Fortune audio
Download 13 - The Open Work Stocking audio
Download 14 - The English Scissors audio
Download 15 - The Cock's Song audio
Download 16 - The day After audio
Download 17 - The First Deputy audio
Download 18 - A King at Verrieres audio
Download 19 - Thinking Produces Suffering audio
Download 20 - Anonymous Letters audio
Download 21 - Dialogue with a Master audio
Download 22 - Manners of Procedure audio
Download 23 - Sorrows of an Official audio
Download 26 - The World, or what the rich lack audio
Download 27 - First Experience of Life audio
Download 29 - The First Promotion audio
Download 30 - An Ambitious Man audio

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Stendhal - a German pen-name for a French writer who hated the English. Contemporary to some of the great names of French literature like Balzac and Flaubert, Stendhal is quite often considered a writer that doesn't seem to fit a defined genre. Some say he's a Romantic, others that he's a Modernist and that Le Rouge et Le Noir is the first modern novel. On one point they are all agreed: the novel is a masterpiece that shows a young theology student - Julien Sorel - intelligent, handsome and who is determined to rise above his humble peasant origins. Stendhal presents the reader with a satirical plot that will involve you in passions, intrigues, last-minute reversals and, mostly, the hypocrisy by which society operates.

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