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Download 02 - The Aim of Psychology audio
Download 04 - Psychology and Medicine audio
Download 05 - Suggestion and Hypnotism part 1 audio
Download 06 - Suggestion and Hypnotism part 2 audio
Download 07 - The Psychology of the Subconscious audio
Download 08 - The Field of Psychotherapy audio
Download 09 - The General Methods of Psychotherapy audio
Download 10 - The Special Methods of Psychotherapy audio
Download 11 - The Mental Symptoms part 1 audio
Download 12 - The Mental Symptoms part 2 audio
Download 13 - The Mental Symptoms part 3 audio
Download 14 - The Mental Symptoms part 4 audio
Download 15 - The Bodily Symptoms audio
Download 16 - Psychotherapy and the church audio
Download 17 - Psychotherapy and The Physician audio
Download 18 - Psychotherapy and The Community audio

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Talking about viewing the Ocean "If I take the attitude of appreciation, it would be absurd to say that this wave is composed of chemical elements which I do not see; and if I take the attitude of physical explanation, it would be equally absurd to deny that such elements are all of which the wave is made. From the one standpoint, the ocean is really excited; from the other standpoint, the molecules are moving according to the laws of hydrodynamics. If I want to understand the meaning of this scene every reminiscence of physics will lead me astray; if I want to calculate the movement of my boat, physics alone can help me".(from the Introduction)

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