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#1 - 01 - A Friend in Need

The Protector

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Download 10 - With the Otter Hounds audio
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Download 12 - Vane Grows Restless audio
Download 13 - A New Project audio
Download 14 - Vane Sails North audio
Download 15 - The First Misadventure audio
Download 17 - Vane Postpones the Search audio
Download 18 - Jessie Confers a Favour audio
Download 19 - Vane Foresees Trouble audio
Download 21 - Vane Yields a Point audio
Download 22 - Evelyn Goes for a Sail audio
Download 23 - Vane Proves Obdurate audio
Download 24 - Jessie Strikes audio
Download 25 - The Intercepted Letter audio
Download 27 - The End of the Search audio
Download 28 - Carroll Seeks Help audio
Download 29 - Jessie's Contrition audio
Download 30 - Convincing Testimony audio
Download 31 - Vane is Reinstated audio
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Harold Bindloss, while born in England, based most of his novels in western Canada, and The Protector is based primarily in and around Vancouver and Victoria.

There is often danger involved in the mining and timber industries north of Vancouver, and there is also danger in the trust given to people who own and operate these mines and timber lands. And finding one's way in locating them can be equally as difficult as well. Wallace Vane and his trusted friend Carroll seemed to encounter these dangers in a seemingly endless journey both for business purposes and for adventure in their search for adequate timber land which they had inadvertently heard of.

What is the driving force behind Wallace Vane? Did he regret leaving his home country and the people he knew when he left England, therefore had something to prove, but didn't even realize it himself? Was it simply a secret joy that he received whenever he observed the beauty of his adopted country with its mountains, forests, and crystal clear water? Perhaps it was his reasonable success in the lumber industry? Or was it something deeper within him? Something, perhaps, that he didn't even recognize himself? (Introduction by Roger Melin)

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