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#1 - 01 – Preface; Chapter One – The Descent

The People of the Abyss

Download 01 – Preface; Chapter One – The Descent audio
Download 02 – Chapter Two – Johnny Upright audio
Download 03 – Chapter Three – My Lodging and Some Others audio
Download 04 – Chapter Four – A Man and the Abyss audio
Download 05 – Chapter Five – Those on the Edge audio
Download 06 – Chapter Six – Frying-Pan Alley and a Glimpse of Inferno audio
Download 07 – Chapter Seven – A Winner of the Victoria Cross audio
Download 08 – Chapter Eight – The Carter and the Carpenter audio
Download 09 – Chapter Nine – The Spike audio
Download 10 – Chapter Ten – Carrying the Banner audio
Download 11 – Chapter Eleven – The Peg audio
Download 12 – Chapter Twelve – Coronation Day audio
Download 13 – Chapter Thirteen – Dan Cullen, Docker audio
Download 14 – Chapter Fourteen – Hops and Hoppers audio
Download 15 – Chapter Fifteen – The Sea Wife audio
Download 16 – Chapter Sixteen – Property versus People audio
Download 17 – Chapter Seventeen – Inefficiency audio
Download 18 – Chapter Eighteen – Wages audio
Download 19 – Chapter Nineteen – The Ghetto audio
Download 20 – Chapter Twenty – Coffee-Houses and Doss-Houses audio
Download 21 – Chapter Twenty One – The Precariousness of Life audio
Download 22 – Chapter Twenty Two – Suicide audio
Download 23 – Chapter Twenty Three: The Children audio
Download 24 – Chapter Twenty Four: A Vision of the Night audio
Download 25 – Chapter Twenty Five: The Hunger Wail audio
Download 26 – Chapter Twenty Six: Drink, Temperance and Thrift audio
Download 27 – Chapter Twenty Seven: The Management audio

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Jack London lived for a time within the grim and grimy world of the East End of London, where half a million people scraped together hardly enough on which to survive. Even if they were able to work, they were paid only enough to allow them a pitiful existence. He grew to know and empathise with these forgotten (or ignored) people as he spoke with them and tasted the workhouse, life on the streets, … and the food, which was cheap, barely nutritious, and foul.

He writes about his experiences in a fluid and narrative style, making it very clear what he thinks of the social structures which created the Abyss, and of the millionaires who live high on the labours of a people forced to live in squalor. β€œβ€¦ The food this managing class eats, the wine it drinks, … the fine clothes it wears, are challenged by eight million mouths which have never had enough to fill them, and by twice eight million bodies which have never been sufficiently clothed and housed.”

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