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#1 - 01 - The Weekly Bill

Penelope's English Experiences

Download 02 - The Powdered Footman Smiles audio
Download 04 - The English Sense of Humour audio
Download 05 - A Hyde Park Sunday audio
Download 06 - The English Park Lover audio
Download 07 - A Ducal Tea-Party audio
Download 08 - Tuppeny Travels in London audio
Download 09 - A Table of Kindred and Affinity audio
Download 10 - Apropos of Advertisements audio
Download 11 - The Ball on the Opposite Side audio
Download 12 - Patricia Makes Her Debut audio
Download 13 - A Penelope Secret audio
Download 14 - Love and Lavender audio
Download 15 - Penelope Dreams audio
Download 16 - The Decay of Romance audio
Download 17 - Short Stops and Long Bills audio
Download 18 - I Meet Mrs. Bobby audio
Download 19 - The Heart of the Artist audio
Download 20 - A Canticle to Jane audio
Download 21 - I Remember, I Remember audio
Download 22 - Comfort Cottage audio
Download 23 - Tea Served Here audio
Download 24 - An Unliscened Victualler audio
Download 25 - Et Ego in Arcadia Vixit audio
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Penelope's English Experiences is a fictional travelogue, which documents the experiences of three American ladies on a visit to England. Included are scenes in London and the village of Belvern, containing fanciful sketches of a West-end ball, portraits of domestic originals, etc., characterized by humorous trifling and droll exaggeration of English traits. By the author Mother Carey's Chickens, A Cathedral Courtship, etc.

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