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#1 - 01 - The Gray-Cloaked Stranger

Outlaws of Ravenhurst

Download 01 - The Gray-Cloaked Stranger audio
Download 02 - Brown-Head Goes Fishing audio
Download 04 - When Men Play Marbles audio
Download 05 - Castle Ravenhurst audio
Download 06 - By the Old Fireplace audio
Download 07 - My Friend Godfrey audio
Download 08 - The Ruin in the Wood audio
Download 09 - The Mercy of a Coward audio
Download 10 - Secret of the Fireplace audio
Download 11 - Return of Lang-Sword audio
Download 12 - Last Stand of the Old Earl audio
Download 13 - Guardians of the King audio
Download 14 - Glory of the Bitter End audio
Download 15 - Splinter of the Lang-Sword audio
Download 17 - Secret Passages audio
Download 18 - Sir James of Gordon audio
Download 20 - Gordon for God and Our Lady audio
Download 21 - Rock Raven No More audio
Download 22 - In the Hollow of God's Name audio
Download 23 - Our Lady's Home audio
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This exciting historical adventure depicts the last stand of the Gordons - God's "outlaws" - fighting for their Catholic Faith in the early days of the Protestant Revolution in seventeenth-century Scotland.
Written for the children but enjoyed by young and old alike, this intriguing novel is filled with courageous heroes, cowardly villains, secrets and even secret passages!

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