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#1 - Explanatory; The Book Committee; The Reason

Old Rail Fence Corners

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Old Rail Fence Corners is an historical treasure trove containing the stories of the first significant waves of European-American settlers in the now state of Minnesota (United States of America). This book has direct accounts of mid-19th century lives and experiences on the frontier, recounted by the frontiersmen and women when many of them were in their mid-90s. A group of volunteer women -- the Book Committee -- sought to record these recollections before they were lost with the passing of these remarkable adventurers. Experience a wild, dangerous Minnesota full of mosquitoes, threatening wildlife, difficult roads, dirt floors, food scarcity, and Native American neighbors. Interactions with Native Americans are a major theme throughout the book; settlers relate their experiences in the 1862 U.S.-Dakota War, their outsider accounts of interactions between Minnesota's Native American tribes, and the settlers' impressions of the Native American inhabitants with whom they share the land, which range from outright fear to acceptance to friendship and respect. Listen to the amazing stories of the Minnesota settlers as they come back to life through the voices of our talented readers! These are the stories of Minnesota's adventurous, resourceful, and brave pioneers that you won't soon forget.

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