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#1 - 01 - Exit Mr. Stanley G. Fulton

Oh, Money! Money!

Download 01 - Exit Mr. Stanley G. Fulton audio
Download 02 - Enter Mr. John Smith audio
Download 03 - The Small Boy at the Keyhole audio
Download 04 - In Search of Some Dates audio
Download 05 - In Miss Flora's Album audio
Download 07 - Poor Maggie and Some Others audio
Download 08 - A Santa Claus Held Up audio
Download 09 - Dear Cousin Stanley audio
Download 10 - What Does it Matter? audio
Download 11 - Santa Claus Arrives audio
Download 12 - The Toys Rattle Out audio
Download 13 - The Dancing Begins audio
Download 14 - From Me to You With Love audio
Download 15 - In Search of Rest audio
Download 16 - The Fly in the Ointment audio
Download 17 - An Ambassador of Cupid's audio
Download 18 - Just a Matter of Begging audio
Download 19 - Still Other Flies audio
Download 20 - Frankenstein: Being a Letter From John Smith to Edward D. Norton, Attorney at Law audio
Download 21 - Sympathies Misplaced audio
Download 22 - With Every Jim a James audio
Download 23 - Reflections - Mirrored and Otherwise audio
Download 24 - That Miserable Money audio
Download 25 - Exit Mr. John Smith audio
Download 26 - Reenter Mr. Stanley G. Fulton audio

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Mr. Stanley Fulton is worth millions, but he has no one to leave his money to except some unknown distant cousins. In order to find out how they would handle a fortune, he decides to give each of them $100,000 dollars during his life, and go – incognito - to live in their midst! Who will prove worthy to inherit his millions and will his deception be discovered?

Eleanor H. Porter was an early 20th century author of children’s literature and novels. Her most well known book was “Pollyanna” and it’s sequel, “Pollyanna Grows Up”.

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