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#1 - 01 - The Fold and the Shepherd

The Odd Women

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Download 06 - A Camp of the Reserve audio
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Download 09 - The Simple Faith audio
Download 10 - First Principles audio
Download 11 - At Nature's Bidding audio
Download 13 - Discord of Leaders audio
Download 14 - Motives Meeting audio
Download 15 - The Joys of Home audio
Download 16 - Health From the Sea audio
Download 18 - A Reinforcement audio
Download 19 - The Clank of the Chains audio
Download 20 - The First Lie audio
Download 21 - Towards the Decisive audio
Download 22 - Honour in Difficulties audio
Download 25 - The Fate of the Ideal audio
Download 26 - The Unideal Tested audio
Download 28 - The Burden of Futile Souls audio
Download 29 - Confession and Counsel audio
Download 30 - Retreat With Honor audio
Download 31 - A New Beginning audio
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George Gissing's 1893 novel takes on the 19th century "Woman Question" by looking at themes of feminism, marriage, and love. The novel raises these issues through the lives of several contrasting women: Mary Barfoot, a feminist philanthropist who helps train women for careers; her close friend Rhoda Nunn, who believes marriage is a disastrous choice for women; and Monica Madden, who starts out as one of their protegees but chooses to marry a seemingly kind older man. As Monica experiences the challenges of married life, Rhoda finds herself drawn to Mary's cousin, the charming but apparently profligate Everard.

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