Audiobook: Northanger Abbey (version 3 Dramatic Reading)

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Northanger Abbey (version 3 Dramatic Reading)

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Northanger Abbey follows seventeen-year-old Gothic novel aficionado Catherine Morland and family friends Mr. and Mrs. Allen as they visit Bath. It is Catherine's first visit there. She meets new friends, such as Isabella Thorpe, and goes to balls. Catherine finds herself pursued by Isabella's brother, the rough-mannered, slovenly John Thorpe, and by her real love interest, Henry Tilney. She also becomes friends with Eleanor Tilney, Henry's younger sister. Henry captivates her with his view on novels and his knowledge of history and the world. General Tilney (Henry and Eleanor's father) invites Catherine to visit their estate, Northanger Abbey, which, from her reading of Ann Radcliffe's Gothic novel The Mysteries of Udolpho, she expects to be dark, ancient and full of Gothic horrors and fantastical mystery. Narrators: Arie and Elizabeth KlettCatherine Morland: Woolly BeeHenry Tilney: Jason MillsIsabella Thorpe: Beth ThomasMrs. Allen: Michele EatonEleanor Tilney: Amanda FridayGeneral Tilney: Algy PugJohn Thorpe: Phil BensonJames Morland: BeniaminoMassimoMrs. Morland: FiddlesticksMr. Allen: Norman ElferMrs. Thorpe: Natalie PaulaMr. Morland: inflectedFootman: Glenn O'BrienCaptain Tilney: Ivory BallardSarah Morland: Frances BrownMrs. Hughes: Etel BussAnne Thorpe: thestorygirlMaria Thorpe: Lydia Audio edited by: Elizabeth Barr and Elizabeth Klett

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