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Neighbors – Life Stories of the Other Half

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Download 11 – What the Snowflake Told audio
Download 12 – The City’s Heart audio
Download 13 – Chips from the Maelstrom audio
Download 15 – His Christmas Gift audio
Download 16 – Our Roof Garden among the Tenements audio
Download 17 – The Snow Babies’ Christmas audio
Download 18 – As Told by the Rabbi audio
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These stories have come to me from many sources—some from my own experience, others from settlement workers, still others from the records of organized charity, that are never dry, as some think, but alive with vital human interest and with the faithful striving to help the brother so that it counts. They have this in common, that they are true. For good reasons, names and places are changed, but they all happened as told here. I could not have invented them had I tried; I should not have tried if I could. For it is as pictures from the life in which they and we, you and I, are partners, that I wish them to make their appeal to the neighbor who lives but around the corner and does not know it.

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