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#1 - 01 - Last Seen At Victoria!

A Mysterious Disappearance

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Download 04 - 61 Raleigh Mansions audio
Download 05 - At The Jollity Theatre audio
Download 06 - Miss Marie Le Marchant audio
Download 08 - The Hotel du Cercle audio
Download 09 - Breaking the Bank audio
Download 10 - Some Good Resolutions audio
Download 12 - Who Corbett Was audio
Download 13 - A Question of Principle audio
Download 14 - No. 12 Raleigh Mansions audio
Download 15 - Mrs. Hillmer Hesitates audio
Download 17 - A Possible Explanation audio
Download 18 - What Happened at the Riviera audio
Download 19 - Where Mrs. Hillmer Went audio
Download 20 - Who Corbett Was audio
Download 21 - How Lady Dyke Left Raleigh Mansions audio
Download 22 - A Wilful Murder audio
Download 24 - The Handwriting audio
Download 25 - Miss Phyllis Browne Intervenes audio
Download 26 - Lady Helen Montgomery's Son audio
Download 27 - Mr. White's Method audio
Download 28 - Sir Charles Dyke's Journey audio
Download 29 - How Lady Dyke Disappeared audio
Download 30 - Charles Dyke Continues His Narrative audio
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Lady Dyke disappears mysteriously, and barrister and hobby detective Claude Bruce appears to be one of the last persons to have seen her. A short time later a dead body is found in the river, and Bruce follows the trails. Who is Sydney H. Corbett? Why did the Lady's maid disappear shortly after her Lady? And what business did Lady Dyke have at Sloane Square? If Bruce can find the answer to these questions, he will find the solution to the mystery. (Introduction by Carolin)

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