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#1 - 01 – Paris at the Beginning of 1792

Marie Antoinette and the Downfall of Royalty

Download 01 – Paris at the Beginning of 1792 audio
Download 02 – Count de Fersen’s Last Journey to Paris audio
Download 03 – The Death of the Emperor Leopold audio
Download 04 – The Death of Gustavus III audio
Download 05 – The Beginnings of Madame Roland audio
Download 06 – Madame Roland’s Entrance on the Scene audio
Download 07 – Marie Antoinette and Madame Roland audio
Download 08 – Madame Roland at the Ministry of the Interior audio
Download 09 - Dumouriez, Minister Of Foreign Affairs audio
Download 10 – The Council of Ministers audio
Download 11 – The Fête of the Swiss Of Chateauvieux audio
Download 12 - The Declaration of War audio
Download 13 - The Disbanding Of The Constitutional Guard audio
Download 14 - The Sufferings of Louis XVI audio
Download 15 - Roland's Dismissal from Office audio
Download 16 - A Three Days' Ministry audio
Download 17 - The Prologue to June Twentieth audio
Download 18 - The Morning of June Twentieth audio
Download 19 - The Invasion of the Tuileries audio
Download 20 - Marie Antoinette on June Twentieth audio
Download 21 - The Morrow of June Twentieth audio
Download 22 - Lafayette in Paris audio
Download 23 - The Lamourette Kiss audio
Download 24 - The Féte of the Federation In 1792 audio
Download 25 - The Last Days at the Tuileries audio
Download 26 - The Prologue to the Tenth of August audio
Download 27 - The Night of August Ninth to Tenth audio
Download 28 - The Morning of August Tenth audio
Download 29 - The Box of the Logograph audio
Download 30 - The Combat audio
Download 31 - The Results of the Combat audio
Download 32 - The Royal-Family in the Convent of the Feuillants audio
Download 34 - The Princess de Lamballe's Murder audio
Download 35 - The September Massacres audio
Download 36 - Madame Roland during the Massacres audio
Download 37 - The Proclamation of the Republic audio

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Paris in 1792 is no longer what it was in 1789. In 1789, the old French society was still brilliant. The past endured beside the present. Neither names nor escutcheons, neither liveries nor places at court, had been suppressed. The aristocracy and the Revolution lived face to face. In 1792, the scene has changed."

France was now on the verge of the Reign of Terror (la Terreur), the violent years following the Revolution, and this book chronicles the terrible period of French history which culminated in the proclamation: "Royalty is abolished in France. All public acts will be dated from the first year of the Republic. The seal of State will be inscribed with this motto: Republique française."

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