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#1 - 01 - The Bride's Mistake

The Law and the Lady

Download 01 - The Bride's Mistake audio
Download 02 - The Bride's Thoughts audio
Download 05 - The Landlady's Discovery audio
Download 06 - My Own Discovery audio
Download 07 - On the Way to the Major audio
Download 08 - The Friend of the Women audio
Download 09 - The Defeat of the Major audio
Download 11 - The Return to Life audio
Download 12 - The Scotch Verdict audio
Download 13 - The Man's Decision audio
Download 14 - The Woman's Answer audio
Download 15 - The Story of the Trial. The Preliminaries audio
Download 16 - First Question - Did the Woman die Poisoned? audio
Download 17 - Second Question - Who poisoned Her? audio
Download 18 - Third Question - What was his Motive? audio
Download 19 - The Evidence for the Defense audio
Download 20 - The End of the Trial audio
Download 22 - The Major makes Difficulties audio
Download 23 - My Mother-in-Law surprises me audio
Download 24 - Miserrimus Dexter - first View audio
Download 25 - Miserrimus Dexter - second View audio
Download 26 - More of my Obstinacy audio
Download 27 - Mr. Dexter at Home audio
Download 30 - The Indictment of Mrs. Beauly audio
Download 31 - The Defense of Mrs. Beauly audio
Download 32 - A Specimen of my Wisdom audio
Download 33 - A Specimen of my Folly audio
Download 35 - Mr. Playmore's Prophecy audio
Download 37 - At the Bedside audio
Download 38 - On the Journey back audio
Download 39 - On the Way to Dexter audio
Download 40 - Nemesis at last audio
Download 41 - Mr. Playmore in a new Character audio
Download 42 - More Surprises audio
Download 44 - Our new Honeymoon audio
Download 45 - The Dust-Heap disturbed audio
Download 46 - The Crisis deferred audio
Download 47 - The Wife's Confession audio
Download 48 - What else could I do? audio
Download 49 - Past and Future audio
Download 50 - The last of the Story audio

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Valeria Brinton marries Eustace Woodville despite objections from Woodville's family leading to disquiet for Valeria's own family and friends.

Just a few days after the wedding, various incidents lead Valeria to suspect her husband is hiding a dark secret in his past and she discovers that he has been using a false name. He refuses to discuss it leading them to curtail their honeymoon and return to London where Valeria learns that he was on trial for his first wife's murder by arsenic. He was tried in a Scottish court and the verdict was 'Not Proven' rather than 'not guilty' implying his guilt but without enough proof for a jury to convict him.

Valeria sets out to save their happiness by proving her husband innocent of the crime. In her quest, she comes across the disabled character Miserrimus Dexter, a fascinating but mentally unstable genius, and his devoted female cousin, Ariel. Dexter will prove crucial to uncovering the disturbing truth behind the mysterious death.

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