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#1 - 00 - مقدمة المؤلف

Kitab Adab al-Dunya w'al-Din (The Ethics of Religion and of this World)

Download 00 - مقدمة المؤلف audio
Download 01 - الباب الأول: في فضل العقل وذم الهوى audio
Download 02 - 1 الباب الثاني: أدب العلم audio
Download 03 - الباب الثاني: أدب العلم 2 audio
Download 04 - الباب الثاني: أدب العلم 3 audio
Download 05 - الباب الثالث: أدب الدين 1 audio
Download 06 - الباب الثالث : أدب الدين 2 audio
Download 07 - الباب الثالث: أدب الدين 3 audio
Download 08 - الباب الرابع: أدب الدنيا 1 audio
Download 09 - الباب الرابع: أدب الدنيا 2 audio
Download 10 - الباب الرابع: أدب الدنيا 3 audio
Download 11 - الباب الرابع: أدب الدنيا 4 audio
Download 12 - الباب الرابع: أدب الدنيا 5 audio
Download 13 - الباب الرابع: أدب الدنيا 6 audio
Download 14 - الباب الخامس: أدب النفس 1 audio
Download 15 - الباب الخامس: أدب النفس 2 audio
Download 16 - الباب الخامس: أدب النفس 3 + الباب السادس : في آداب المواضعة 1 audio
Download 17 - الباب السادس: في آداب المواضعة 2 audio
Download 18 - الباب السادس: في آداب المواضعة 3 audio
Download 19 - الباب السادس: في آداب المواضعة 4 audio
Download 20 - الباب السادس: في آداب المواضعة 5 - الخاتمة audio

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Al-Mawardi (Alboacen) was one of the famous Islamic authors and jurists. He was a well-known man in the “Abbassid” empire—a mature thinker who left a legacy of many excellent books which represent Islamic culture. He lived at a time when the “Abbasid” empire was in highly advanced state, scientifically and culturally. The book is divided into five chapters; the first chapter: ‘Virtue of the Intellect and Censure of Immoral Desires’ is a philosophical look includes Islamic and non-Islamic opinions. It could be considered an introduction to Chapter 4 “Ethics of Life” which is an economic and social context more or less close to Ibn- Khuldoon in his introduction. The second chapter: “Ethics of Knowledge” is devoted to pure Islamic subjects which reflect the views of Muslims thoughout the generations, since lifetime of the Messenger, peace be upon him, up until the author’s days. The third chapter, “Ethics of Religion”, and the fifth, “Ethics of the Spirit”, are a mixture of religious, Islamic points of view and logical concepts that add the fourth dimension to life, which is the metaphysical dimension, that supports the material, social and political aspects of life.

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