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#1 - 01 -- The Family Curse

Jill the Reckless

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Download 02 -- The First Night at the Leicester audio
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Download 04 -- The Last of the Rookes Takes a Hand audio
Download 05 -- Lady Underhill Receives a Shock audio
Download 06 -- Uncle Chris Bangs the Table audio
Download 07 -- Jill Catches the 10.10 audio
Download 08 -- The Dry--Salters Wing Derek audio
Download 09 -- Jill in Search of an Uncle audio
Download 10 -- Jill Ignores Authority audio
Download 11 -- Mr. Pilkington's Love Light audio
Download 12 -- Uncle Chris Borrows a Flat audio
Download 13 -- The Ambassador Arrives audio
Download 14 -- Mr. Goble Makes the Big Noise audio
Download 15 -- Jill Explains audio
Download 16 -- Mr. Goble Plays with Fate audio
Download 17 -- The Cost of a Row audio
Download 18 -- Jill Receives Notice audio
Download 19 -- Mrs. Peagrim Burns Incense audio
Download 20 -- Derek Loses One Bird and Secures Another audio
Download 21 -- Wally Mason Learns a New Exercise audio
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Jill had money, Jill was engaged to be married to Sir Derek Underhill. Suddenly Jill becomes penniless, and she is no longer engaged. With a smile, in which there is just a tinge of recklessness, she refuses to be beaten and turns to face the world. Instead she goes to New York and becomes a member of the chorus of "The Rose of America," and Mr. Wodehouse is enabled to lift the curtain of the musical comedy world.

There is laughter and drama in _Jill the Reckless_, and the action never flags from the moment that Freddie Rooke confesses that he has had a hectic night, down to the point where Wally says briefly "Let 'em," which is page 313. The heroine here, Jill Mariner, is a young woman from the lower end of the upper class. We follow her through financial disaster, a broken engagement, an awkward stay with some grasping relatives, employment as a chorus girl, and of course, the finding of true love. Other characters include wealthy Drone Freddie Rooke and writer Wally Mason, her childhood friends; her financially inept uncle Major Christopher Selby; her fiancée at the beginning of the book, the M.P Derek Underhill, and his domineering mother, Lady Underhill; Jill's unpleasant relatives, Elmer and Julia Mariner; more Drones Club members, various chorus girls, composers and other theatrical types, and, of course, miscellaneous servants. (Introduction from Gutenberg and Wikipedia)

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